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How to Remove Scar Tissue


By Ahava Sarah Fischer


Increased energy levels are a benefit of ingesting systemic enzymes


Nature’s accelerated path to extraordinary health, flexibility and healing.

If you’re not aware of systemic enzymes and their powerful health benefits, now might be the time to study nature’s very dramatic solution to optimal health & anti-aging.

Let’s begin with a swift education on enzymes in general. Virtually all living things, including those we cook and eat, contain enzymes.In fact there are over 3000 different kinds of enzymes. For instance, raw foods are rich with enzymes. They contain active enzymes. Upon eating raw spinach, the cells of the leaf are immediately broken down,successfully releasing its nutrients. Mother’s milk too has a host of enzymes that are valuable in infant digestion and the production of good bacteria. In fact all living animals produce enzymes in their digestive track. Enzymes, are so indispensable that they are often described as the spark plugs for the vast majority of chemical reactions that make life possible.

The public has been well-versed on digestive enzymes , and they are commonly taken as dietary supplements. Digestive enzymes have been long recognized for their importance in the digestive process.


Fibrin is a fibrillar protein that creates scar tissue

Systemic enzymes on the other hand, play a different role, a role that few are familiar with. Systemic enzymes digest excess fibrin in the body. This fibrin is the main component that is responsible for the unhealthy build-up of scar tissue, arterial plaque, toxins/viruses, thrombus formation as well as the spider web of tissue that tend to encase our internal organs with age .

As suggested by Dr. James Howenstine, MD. ‘ Enzymes have been widely recognized for their importance in digesting food. Yet they also break up circulating immune complexes in the blood. Enzymes can act to prevent too much fibrin from being deposited in wounds, fractures and joints. These enzymes also remove necrotic debris and excess fibrin from the blood stream….The proteolytic enzymes used in enzyme therapy dissolve fibrin. When strong proteolytic enzymes are in an enzyme preparation, they can be powerful enough in their action to actually gradually digest scar tissue away. This takes time to occur, of course, but eventually all the scar tissue may disappear.’


Scars are not only unsightly but often painful as well

Fibrin really is a prime cause of aging and disease. It creates stagnation and sluggishness in the body, decreasing the body’s flexibility and youthful nature. As stated on’ Fibrin is a tough protein arranged in long fibrous chains. It is formed from fibrinogen, a soluble protein that is produced by the liver and found in blood plasma. Fibrin tends to form circulating complexes that create barriers against the absorption of healing nutrients in and around areas of inflammation. ‘

What happens when our body in injured is that it begins to produce certain chemicals called prostaglandins. A specific form of prostaglandin causes inflammation. The result of this is swelling, constriction of blood vessels and decreased tissue permeability. Systemic enzymes help by breaking down these proteins in traumatized tissue. Systemic enzymes play a huge anti-inflammatory role, simultaneously triggering the rapid removal of cell debris.

Given that systemic enzymes are integral in the resolution of fibrin, it’s becoming pretty clear that they may be Nature’s Key to keeping one’s body youthful, vibrant and agile.


Beautifying the skin within and without

You may wonder, ” Why do we have to ingest enzymes in supplement form if the body produces them naturally ? ”

It’s true that enzymes are produced by the body. Yet with the advent of age the body produces significantly lower levels of enzymes. Which is why an older person scars more severely than his younger counterpart who is subject to the same wound. Not surprisingly , the process of aging appears to begin quite markedly between the ages of 27 and 35. Interestingly, this is the age when the production of enzymes that dissolve protein begins to diminish.

However what’s exciting at this day and age, is our ability to access and acquire systemic enzymes from numerous organic sources. We are fortunate enough to be able to enjoy their potent benefits, allowing us in a sense , to turn back the hands of time.


This is a line of products distributed by Biomedic Labs

Biomedic Labs ( ) is a trusted source of premier systemic enzymes. Their enzymes are plant-based ( except for the ingredient serrapeptase that is released by the silkworm), combining some of the most highly potent systemic enzymes available today. Their formulations feature combinations of enzymes that create a dynamic tincture. The most popular products sold on their website are Serra-RX and Serracor. They are manufactured using Bioactive Protein Peptide System (BPPS) technology, a proprietary process that features complementary bioactive peptides and ensures greater enzyme stability, absorption and bio-availability. They are thus formulated for maximum fibrinolytic activity.

Two of the elements that are used in high doses by their formulators are serrapeptase and nattokinase. These are two of the more expensive and valuable forms of systemic enzymes.


Silkworms release Serrapeptase

According to Biomedic Labs ‘ Serrapeptase is a powerful proteolytic enzyme derived from a species of bacteria originally found in the intestine of silkworms. The bacteria Serratia mercesans E1 produces Serrapeptase, an enzyme that enables the silkworm to dissolve its silken cocoon and emerge after metamorphosis. Serratia is now grown in cultures to produce serrapeptase by fermentation. Numerous research and clinical studies have demonstrated serrapeptase has anti-inflammatory, proteolytic (protein dissolving) and fibrinolytic (fibrin dissolving) properties. Studies also show serrapeptase reduces scar tissue, improves tissue healing and significantly reduces inflammation.

Serrapeptase also has the unique ability to digest non-living tissue that is a by-product of the healing response without harming living tissue. Serra RX80 (Serrapeptase) is enterically coated to survive the acidic conditions of the stomach without being degraded. This allows for optimum absorption in the small intestine and greater systemic activity. The pH resistant enteric coating will disintegrate after it enters the alkaline environment of the intestine.’


The remarkable beauty of the silk moth after it leaves the cocoon

So here I am, faced with this incredible knowledge on the possibilities of renewing my health and having access to a line of products offered by Biomedic Labs. Formulas that can only enhance my life to the nth degree. I decided to embark on a 3 month long experiment, taking my health & fitness to levels like never before. My journey with systemic enzymes is documented on my blog. Here you can view my weekly updates on my regimen of enzymes. I shared the various phases that I passed through during the process of detoxification of fibrin and the numerous benefits that I enjoyed as result.

WEEK 1  





Suffice it to say, being on Systemic Enzymes made me feel no less than Superhuman ! Which is I playfully titled my journey as ‘My SuperBeing Regime’. It was quite a ride ! And if there was a cape to be worn, I was whipping it behind me in flight with a vengeance ! If I had a choice, I would stay on enzymes for the course of my entire life. The impact they have made on my quality of Life has been tremendous. Not only have they begun to eat away at old scar tissue, they improved my flexibility and thus reduced my pain when it came to making certain bodily movements.


Detoxing and cleansing properties of enzymes

What has caught my attention is that I have previously ingested systemic enzymes from different companies prior to this experiment, yet I did not enjoy the same level of results. I wanted to find out what it was about the products I was receiving from Biomedic Labs that made them far superior to the brands I had experienced in the past.

I arranged to speak to the owner of Biomedic Labs, Brad Custer, in a quest to acquire a fuller perspective on the subject. Brad was extremely generous with his time, care and attention to detail, making my experience with his company all the more positive.

I began by asking him to share the evolution of his career in this holistic field. And this is what he said


BRAD Custer, owner of Biomedic Labs and his lovely wife Olivia

Brad Custer, ” I’ve always been into health ever since I was in high school . I was working out, trying to be healthy in college. At the early age of 22 i took some health courses in college. The opportunity to live in NY was presented to me and I made the move from West Coast to East Coast. Having growing up in Arizona, New york came as a shock to myself and my wife. It was so different in the big city. I started working at the Vitamin shop right off of Wall Street. It was an interesting time and I got to meet a lot of new people. I found that I really enjoyed interacting with my customers and helping them with their health. And so we spent a year in NY. By then, that was all i could handle of city life.I gave up the management position I had and moved back to Arizona.

I worked with GNC for two years. Following that I worked with a well-known company that specializes in enzymes. This is where my experience with enzymes really began. I held a position with the company for 3 years, becoming their no 1 sales person.

By then I had the knowledge and experience to start my own company. I learned so much about enzymes during this time.

I understood what systemic enzymes could really do for people and saw how powerful they were. Along the years I had heard so many glowing testimonials and witnessed the extent of their benefits,

I wanted to get the word out about systemic enzymes. Unfortunately, they are still not a household name for health here in the US unlike Europe. I believe that in parts of Europe there is an enzyme product that is prescribed by physicians. Europeans tend to take a different approach, they take health in their own hands. This is what I’ve gathered from my international customers. ”


Restoring the healthand flexibility of the human body naturally

Q:How do most of your clients find out about your company ? How have they come to acquire this knowledge about the unique benefits of systemic enzymes?

A: ” More and more people are coming to us because they’re tired of healthcare and are searching outside of the box. They have become resourceful and they research natural or alternative paths. We start them on enzymes and go from there.

Most of our clients who are Europeans are not able to get the medical care they need and are unable to see a doctor for months sometimes . They have to explore their options. We also have a lot of clients from Australia , UK , Canada, etc But we have regular clients around the world , including Asian countries such as Malaysia and India. ”

Q: So what are some of the results you’ve witnessed after a person begins a regimen of systemic enzymes ?

A: ” The huge effects I would hear for example, arrived after an individual just started the supplements for a month. I’ve actually heard it with all kinds of enzyme products out there. I’ve received so many testimonials from people who have had major scar tissues from C – sections. Their conditions have successfully been reversed. I personally have seen changes in myself as well.’

Q: What did you experience personally while on enzymes ?

A: “Well when I was in my mid twenties I had a really bad burn on the outside of my leg. It was a third degree burn. I started taking enzymes up to 10 – 15 a day. In two months, the burn faded by 50 %. And in 2 years, you couldn’t even tell it was there !

Then there is my wife’s experience.She has had 3 C-sections, and her healing was far beyond anyone i had ever seen. Usually you have a pretty noticeable scar after a major procedure like that. Yet her scar is very flat, it can barely be seen. ”


Flexibility restored !

Q: How soon after the C-section did she begin taking enzymes ? I’ve heard that enzymes thin the blood . So is it best to wait a period of time after a surgery ?

A: ” Yes, we waited about two weeks after her procedure. She took anywhere from 9 doses a day of Serracor-NK and 4 doses of Serra RX80. She did this for 4 months and continues to take half that dosage every day since then. In fact, she had a C-section just 8 months ago and she’s pretty much recovered already.

This is definitely not the norm. We have friends who have had babies around the same time as my wife . And I’ve seen the scars on a friend of ours. It’s pretty marked and is nothing like the scar on my wife.

Q: Is it better to take systemic enzymes immediately following a surgery ? What happens with old scars that the body has held for years ?

A: ” It’s never too late with systemic enzymes. You can still revise your scars at any point in time and accomplish a lot down the road.

I’ve had scars for 10 yrs that have resolved. So its never too late.

Another experience comes to mind. About a month ago, I was mountain biking and I crashed badly and my face scraped the trees. I had scabs all over my face . So what I did was I doubled the enzymes that I was taking. 5 days later, you could not even tell I hit a tree !

There was also an area under my thigh that is still red and its healing but I notice it improving it every week. I know the systemic enzymes are key to this accelerated healing. ”



Biomedic Labs provide pharmaceutical grade enzymes


Q: So tell me about the unique nature of your products ?

A: ” The main company we deal with is based in Chino, California. They formulate all of the enzyme products we offer. We’re engaged in the process as well and we feel pretty fortunate that we have a significant part to play.

Now we’ve chosen to include some of the most expensive forms of systemic enzymes. They are serrapeptase and nattokinase. There are enzymes such as amylase and bromelain that are effective in their own right but serrapeptase and nattokinase are very potent. You will need to study the potency of each formula. There are different abbreviations that are activity markers for each enzyme supplement. They are HUT’s , SU’s, FU’s etc. Whether they are called serrapeptase units or international units, the markers themselves are all the same. But research the strength of your chosen formula.

The product Serracor-NK stands out due to the formula. I honestly believe they are the best in the world. I believe they are definitely the best in this country. The formulators of Serracor-NK put a ton of research in this product. You see you have to have really good quality materials to begin with. And then formulate the enzymes so that each enzyme works synergistically with each other. It’s a real art that I don’t believe anyone else does better than the formulators we work with. ”

Q: Are Biomedic Lab’s systemic enzymes organic & vegan-friendly?

A: “They are partly plant based. This is because serrapeptase is derived from the silkworm. The silkworm release a liquid containing these enzymes whilst its in a cocoon state. What happens with our labs is that they culture the organism in a lab through micro fermentation. So it could be by right classified as fungally grown as well.

Rest assured, we don’t kill silkworms. ( jokingly )

It’s a fermented product , produced in a lab. Fortunately we can grow in it in a laboratory. So they are vegan.”

Q: Brad could you share some of the most miraculous results from your customers ?

A:  “I have more than one dramatic testimonial. I don’t know where to begin. Ok let’s start with pulmonary fibrosis. Some people don’t even know they have it. It’s a condition that involves a scarring of the lungs and it continues to spread. People with severe cases of pulmonary fibrosis carry oxygen with them to aid their breathing. So we had a customer who was a 9/11 first responder. He was exposed to a massive amount of smoke. It landed him in hospital for a year. He was taking 18 different medications. He started researching online and stumbled upon us. Very soon he started taking our products and within a few months he was improving. Within a year and a half he was out of the hospital and off oxygen. It’s been 10 years and he’s only got better with time. This doesn’t happen with a terminal illness that is usually degenerative with time.”

That’s amazing. Systemic enzymes seem to offer an alternative path to health for all manner of cases.

Brad “The patients who come to us are in such extreme states, their doctors don’t give them any hope. But we always give hope to the people who come to us. Even to those with terminal conditions. We have had doctors see a client of ours who was in a terminal condition. And from his 1st to second visit in a matter of months, the improvement was so great that his doctor told him that whatever he was doing, to keep doing it !

I guess dealing with systemic enzymes for 12- 13 years, I’m not real shocked to hear anything. They’re capable of doing anything … it seems like. I don’t want it to sound like a miracle cure and I am not making a claim that it is, but it does almost appear that way.”

Q: Do you have any tips for the individual who plans to begin a regimen of systemic enzymes ?

A: Systemic enzymes must be taken on an empty stomach.

  • They can be taken 3 times a day.
  • Maintain a healthy diet.
  • Drink lots of water.
  • Studies conducted have shown that hydration levels affected the results achieved with systemic enzymes.

Nature’s fountain of youth restores agility, flexibility and energy



My dads condition was deteriorating quite rapidly and doctors here in the UK

told us there was nothing we could do to improve the situation and the

prognosis was not looking good. After only a couple months on the tablets

his cough had pretty much gone. It’s now 9 months later and it does appear

that his condition has stabilized, we hope that future test results will

confirm that this is the case. These tablets gave us hope when the doctors

gave us none.




My Father in Law has been on Serracor-NK and Serra RX for about 4 months or

so. He has Pulmonary Fibrosis and had trouble breathing ,having to be on

Oxygen and tired easily. Since he has been on your products, he has had to

use the oxygen less and less, feeling better and breathing better

too.Overall he is a lot better.Doctors just prescribed steroids and they

didn’t do much.The doctor more or less gave up on him getting better, so we

have tried your products and have had real good results and will keep taking

them too.Thanks for being the alternative, cause I really believe he might

not be here if your weren’t here.

Thanks Steve



Three years ago I had surgery to remove very large fibroids. My uterus at

that time had grown to the size of a 24 week pregnancy. Two years after the

surgery I noticed that my periods were getting heavier and I had started

gaining weight. I had a pelvic exam and ultrasound and found that new

fibroids had grown in my uterus. I began researching for natural treatments

and found information about Serrapeptase being used to shrink fibroids. I

then found the Biomedic Labs website and read the testimonials about the

success with fibroids. I have been on the fibroid package for six

weeks and have already noticed a difference in my health. I take the

recommended dosages for shrinking the fibroids, exercise regularly, and eat

healthier. My pelvic pain has subsided and my last period was lighter than

it has been in months. I would absolutely recommend the fibroid package for

anyone who needs to treat fibroids. I only wish I had known about these

products before I had my surgery three years ago.




I started the recommended dosage on 8-7-2010 and as of 2-26-2011, I

celebrated 29 weeks of this great alternative treatment for my pulmonary

fibrosis. I underwent lung cancer surgery on 5-14-2010 and had half my lower

right lobe removed and the surgery also confirmed that I had pulmonary

fibrosis. I was put on prednisone for my fibrosis, but the side effects were

so great that I decided I would rather die than continue on it. I believe

God intervened and suggested to me to do some research on the internet for

effective alternative treatments – and I was lead to the BioMedic Labs web site

and ordered their Fibrosis Bundle – Serracor & Serra. As a result of the

surgery and loosing half my lower right lobe – the doctors estimate that I

lost 18 to 20% of my total lung function – this becomes important as you

will see. Shortly after my surgery, on 8-4-2010 I underwent a pulmonary

function test (breathing test) and it indicated that my FEV1(L) was 67% of

predicted. Earlier a breathing test indicated that my lung capacity was

about 60% of predicted. On 11-23-2010 I underwent another breathing test and

the FELI(L) number had increased to 82% of predicted. So for me – that was

100% of what I could expect due to loosing 18 to 20% of my lung capacity.

The predicted numbers in the pulmonary function test assume the person has

not physically lost any lung capacity. So the 82% number was GREAT – a true

answer to the enzyme treatment and prayer. I had to sleep with oxygen until

several weeks of the enzyme treatment – then my oxygen levels were such that

I didn’t need to sleep with oxygen anymore and I sent the oxygen equipment

back to the supplier. Today, unless I do something real strenuous – I really

don’t feel any shortness of breath and I am back to feeling normal. I am

over 70 years old and am now back to playing tennis, pickelball, cycling and

skiing. I intend to stay on their full dosage as recommended for 270 days

and then cut back to their recommended maintenance levels. Biomedic Labs and

their fibrosis bundle are a true answer to prayer. Thank you Bio Medic Labs

for you products and research. I feel that my fibrosis has largely

disappeared. If anyone wants any more information from me, feel free to

contact me at –

T. Millard


This product saved my life. I have fibromyalgia which was always bad, but

after radiation as treatment for breast cancer, I was in so much pain I

contemplated suicide. I spent every night crying, walking the floor and

rocking in pain and I really am no wimp. After a month of Serracor-NK, 2 3X

a day, I had NO pain. I take two a day ever since as maintenance. I have

recommended it to friends with fibromyalgia and with rheumatoid arthritis

and it’s always worked. Thank you, thank you! Karen