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We ship to many countries on a daily basis. Please read the information on this page and our main Shipping and Ordering Policy page before you place your order.

We will do everything we can to ensure that your order arrives safely to your country. However, there are many factors beyond our control. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding of the ordering process and our policies.

We ship to most countries (see exception lists below). If you can find your country on the list when you register on our Online Store, we can probably ship to you. If your country is not on the list, we may have had problems with fraud, shipping issues, and/or customs clearance, and in most cases will not ship to that country. Contact us to determine if an exception can be made in your case.

Our Shipping Charges and Methods
We utilize the services of the United States Postal Service for shipping packages internationally. Your shipping details, including any tracking number, will be emailed to you when your package has been shipped.

Our International shipping charges are calculated by our Online Store based on your country and the weight and value of items included with your order. The shipping methods we utilize are offered during the ordering process, along with the associated charges. Simply choose the method you prefer, and we will ship your order as soon as possible. Orders paid by credit cards may be subject to delay pending verification of your card. See “Paying for an International Order” below.

The shipping rates for each of the following methods will automatically be calculated when you place your order. You are not obligated to complete your order to see the shipping costs for the items you wish to order.

Shipping Method Shipping Days Insurable   Tracking

*These ESTIMATED shipping times are for the time to ship from the US to your country. For USPS shipments this time does not include the time it takes for your package to clear customs. Expect at least 2 to 7 days to clear customs in most countries for USPS shipments. However, it may take longer, particularly for First Class Mail which can take up to 4 weeks.

USPS EXPRESS MAIL INTERNATIONAL arrives in your country in approximately 3 to 5* shipping days, then goes through customs, which generally takes just a few days. It is insured and has a tracking number with which you can observe your package progress on the internet at

USPS PRIORITY MAIL INTERNATIONAL arrives in your country in approximately 6 to 10* shipping days, then goes through customs. It is insured and has a tracking number with which you can observe your package progress on the internet at

If for any reason you refuse to accept an International package, we will NOT refund you for the costs of the goods, the shipping costs, or any other fees, as the products are likely unsellable by the time they are returned to us.

Additional Fees
BIOMEDIC LABS, LLC strictly follows all international regulations regarding export to other countries.

NOTE: A variety of taxes, custom duties, and fees may be charged on orders sent to your country, for which you will be charged upon delivery. These fees are charged the delivery country and/or service and are out of our control. A “processing fee” may also be charged by the delivery service. For instance, USPS may charge a $10+ processing fee for collecing taxes and any customs fees. Customer agrees that they are responsible for any charges incurred to obtain possession of package. Customer is advised to determine any and all fees and taxes that may be imposed to import products offered at, and agrees to be fully responsible for such fees, taxes, and duties.

If a customer fails to claim a package for any reason, including the refusal to pay customs duties, taxes, or other fees, we will not issue a refund of any amount, even if the goods are returned to us. By the time we did receive the goods, they would have been exposed to unknown elements and would be unsellable and have to be destroyed. This is one of the reasons for our policy (common among online stores) to NOT accept any returns or issue any refunds for international orders.

If your package is sent INSURED and the package is lost, we would of course replace the order once we had a confirmation from the carrier’s claims investigation department that the package was not delivered.

Customs Clearance
Some countries will not allow nutritional supplements to be imported into the country, and will refuse entry of your package. If this should occur, the package will be returned to us, which often takes many months. By that time the goods are no longer sellable and will need to be destroyed. This is one of the reasons we will not give refunds on any international orders. Therefore, you should investigate whether your country will allow the goods to be imported before you continue with this order. The harmonized tariff code we use for most of our products is 2936.90.0150, usually described as vitamins or nutritional supplements. We also use 3304.99.5000 for beauty creams.

Biomedic Labs LLC, strictly follows all known national and international regulations regarding the sale, purchase and shipment of any product or product ingredient that is considered restricted or prohibited by any law within the United States or abroad. It is your responsibility to determine if your product choices will be accepted by customs.

On customs forms and our invoices, we will not state a value of goods less than the actual value. We understand that import taxes and fees can be expensive, but if we were to give false information on the customs forms, we could lose our ability to export goods and be fined and/or jailed.

Countries We Do Not Ship To
The following list are countries that we generally do not ship to, and you will not find the country on the drop down list while trying to register on our website. There are a variety of reasons for a country to be listed here, including inability to clear customs, credit card fraud, or shipping difficulties. If you wish us to consider shipping to your country, please Contact us and there may be a way in which we can get an order to you.

  • Armenia
  • Belarus
  • Benin
  • Burkina Faso
  • Cameroon
  • Central African Republic
  • Chad
  • Congo (Brazzaville), Republic Of The
  • Congo, Democratic Republic Of The
  • Czech Republic
  • Dahomey
  • Dahomey (Benin)
  • Ghana
  • Kampuchea
  • Kampuchea (Cambodia)
  • Kazakhstan
  • Kyrgyzstan
  • Latvia
  • Lithuania
  • Moldova
  • Niger
  • Nigeria
  • Niue
  • Niue (New Zealand)
  • Russia
  • Serbia-Montenegro
  • South-West Africa
  • South-West Africa (Nambia)
  • Togo
  • Tongareva
  • Tongareva (New Zealand)
  • Turkmenistan
  • Ukraine
  • Zanzibar
  • Zanzibar (Tanzania


Countries With Potential Customs Clearance Issues – These countries have returned some packages, and accepted others. We are willing to ship to these countries, but refunds will not be given if the package is not successfully delivered to the customer. Read more about our International Shipping policies and procedures on this webpage.

  • France
  • Germany

Returns, Unclaimed Packages, and Confiscated Packages
ALL INTERNATIONAL SALES ARE FINAL. We WILL NOT accept returns or issue credits for products shipped outside of the United States for any reason. Those reasons include:

  • Package unclaimed by customer
  • Delivery refused by customer
  • Customer unable or unwilling to pay Customs fees and taxes
  • Package is rejected by Customs and returned to us
  • Package is confiscated by Customs
  • Any other reason

Nutritional products need to be stored at proper temperatures. The conditions in which a package has traveled when returned to us cannot be known, and therefore the product can not be restocked and must be destroyed. Please choose your products carefully and read all available information on the website, including the list of ingredients and any precautions. Please also read our information about customs clearance. It is your responsibility to determine if your package will be accepted by your country. We will help you as much as we can, but we have no control over what happens with your customs or delivery service.

Every order we ship is triple checked by our staff before it is packed. However, once a package leaves our facility with an international destination, we can no longer be held responsible if something happens to it. If customs opens your package and confiscates or misplaces merchandise, or anything else of that nature, we can not be held accountable.

If your package is returned to us and you wish us to resend the exact box that was returned to us, we will do so, but we need to collect an amount from you to cover the shipping costs to reship.


Please watch your mail for your package to arrive, or a notice to be left, within the time frame it is expected. You may be required to pickup your package at the post office, and there may be customs fees and taxes due. It is your responsibility to contact your postal service (or other delivery service) if it has not arrived timely. Depending on the method of shipping that you chose, you may have received an email from us with a tracking number that will help USPS or your country’s postal delivery service locate your package. Occassionally a package is unclaimed and returned to us. Because we do not give refunds on packages (neither the cost of the goods nor the shipping costs) sent out of the US for any reason, we strongly urge you to watch for your package and communicate with your delivery service to be sure you claim your package in a timely manner.
If for any reason you refuse to accept an International package, we will not refund you for the costs of the goods, the shipping costs, or any other fees.

Paying for an International Order
See our Shipping and Ordering page for our usual payment options. The following explains any exceptions for international payments:

International credit cards, or credit cards used for orders shipping to an international address, are subject to verification before shipping, which may cause a delay. Due to increased credit card fraud, we must be certain the credit card is being used by the owner of the card. This is for the protection of all. We apologize for the delay in shipping that this verification process may cause.

We reserve the right to refuse to accept your credit card as payment for your order If we have declined to accept your credit card, you may still pay with a bank draft, a bank wire transfer, Western Union, or Money Gram. Read more about those payment methods on the main Shipping and Ordering page.

For Mail orders, we only accept money orders in U.S. DOLLARS, FROM AN INTERNATIONAL BANK. NO international Postal Money Orders, please. You may also Fax us your order with your credit card written on the fax if you prefer to not give that information through our secure online credit card ordering system. You may also prepare a telephone order online, and call us with your credit card information.