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Immunity Boost MAX Bundle


Vida Defense | Biome Ultra 

  • Supports Optimal Immune Cell Function*
  • Supports Healthy Cell & Organ Function*
  • Provides Antioxidant Support*
  • Probiotics to Promote Optimal Gut Health*


These powerful bundles contain some of our most popular products for immune system health in one package!  Help your provide your body with natural immune support with the powerful enzyme and probiotic combination of Vida-Defense™ and Biome Ultra™.


Your immune system is essential to fighting off illness from germs, viruses and bacteria. Immune system support is especially vital when everyone around you is sick! Our Immunity Boost Bundles can provide great support for your body to keep healthy.


An oldie but goodie: we are pleased to re-introduce one of our all-time favorite immune system products, Vida-Defense.  The word vida means “life” in old Occitan languages. This powerful enzymatic formula was designed to boost our bodies’ natural resistance against harmful organisms which threaten our life systems.

Vida-Defense is one of the strongest immune system support formulas we offer!  It contains:

  • SEBPro™ a proprietary plant and microbial protease blend designed for maximum immune support
  • Lysozyme, amylase, chitosanase, and catalase enzymes to provide natural antimicrobial properties, natural antioxidant benefits, and yeast cell wall breakdown
  • Lipase to break down fats into essential fatty acids needed for healthy circulation
  • Rutin for antioxidant support
  • Amla a strong source of Vitamin C
  • Grape Seed Extract for antioxidant support
  • Magnesium to boost enzyme blend performance and support cardiovascular and nerve health.*


We are pleased to introduce a new powerful probiotic combination blend, Biome Ultra!  Biome Ultra is our latest capsule blend of some of the most powerful shelf-stable probiotics on the market, designed especially to support gut-related immune health and microflora balance.

Research shows the state of our gut and microbiome affects our whole body.  Our gut and biome health affects digestion, nutrient absorption, energy levels, hormone balance, skin health, mood, weight and immunity. Gut bacteria can be symbiotic (“good”) or pathogenic (“bad”). Biome Ultra is an expertly formulated blend of probiotics designed to help your body’s natural response against bad bacteria, and rejuvenate a healthy gut and microbiome.


Our bundles contain specialized formulas and important immune support supplements, but don’t be afraid to keep taking your traditional immune support supplements like Vitamins B and C, or other daily multivitamins and minerals!

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