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Vit. D Plays a Role in Uterine Growth

Vitamin D inhibits myometrial and leiomyoma cell proliferation in

From: Hope Waltman [PA, USA]
Tue Apr 22 17:04:33 2008

Fertil Steril. 2008 Apr 17 [Epub ahead of print]

Vitamin D inhibits myometrial and leiomyoma cell proliferation in vitro.

Bläuer M, Rovio PH, Ylikomi T, Heinonen PK. Department of Cell Biology, University of Tampere, Tampere, Finland.

“OBJECTIVE: To determine the effect of 1,25(OH)(2)D(3) and 25(OH)D(3) vitamin D derivates on the growth of leiomyoma and myometrial cells in vitro. DESIGN: In vitro study.

SETTING: Cell biology research laboratory. PATIENT(S): Six premenopausal women with uterine leiomyomas undergoing hysterectomy. INTERVENTION(S): Samples of leiomyomas and normal myometrial tissue were obtained, and paired cultures were established. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURE(S): A colorimetric crystal violet assay to determine the effect of 1,25(OH)(2)D(3) and 25(OH)D(3) on cell growth. RESULT(S): In both myometrial and leiomyoma cells, 0.1 nM physiologic level of 1,25(OH)(2)D(3) inhibited growth by 12% when compared with controls. The growth inhibition was concentration dependent; the highest concentration of 1,25(OH)(2)D(3) (100 nM) inhibited growth by 62% in both cell types. All the differences were statistically significant. A slight stimulation (<4%) of cell proliferation was observed with the lowest 25(OH)(2)D(3) concentrations. When treated with either a 500 nM or 1000 nM concentration of the compound, the growth of both cell types fell to approximately 50% of that of the control cultures, and the level of inhibition with the latter concentration was statistically significant.

CONCLUSION(S): Both myometrial and leiomyoma cell growth in vitro was effectively inhibited by 1,25(OH)(2)D(3). Vitamin D may play a role in the growth of uterine leiomyomas.”

Regards, Hope Waltman, Fibroid Forum and WH Forum Moderator