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Scar Tissue Support Bundle

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Your scars are the beautiful marks of your life journey and your body's unparalleled immune system. But sometimes, scars get out of hand. Manage your body's scar tissue with this dual-action bundle of enzymes, designed to support your body's healthy management of fibrin. 

  • Scar tissue support*
  • Promote tissue repair*
  • Fibrin metabolism support*
  • Support overall blood circulation*
  • Promote healthy inflammatory response*
    Directions + Tips

    Must be taken on an empty stomach with a large glass of water (30-60 minutes before or 2 hours after meals). Dosage varies by indivudual and should be monitored closely.

    We recommend starting slowly, allowing your body to acclimate, and increasing steadily to a desired dose, always monitoring the body carefully. One approach that has worked for many is:

    Days 1-5

    Serracor-NK: Take 1 capsule, 3 times a day.

    Days 6-10 

    Serracor-NK: Take 2 capsules, 3 times a day.
    Serra Rx: Take 1 capsule, 3 times a day

    Therapeutic Dose, as needed

    Serracor-NK: Take 3 capsules 3 times a day.
    Serra Rx: Take 3 capsules 3 times a day

    Maintenance Dose: Every body is different. Monitor your body closely as you increase to the Therapeutic Dose. After desired effect has been reached, reduce slowly until you find what amount continues to work for your body. On average, this is 1-2 capsules fewer per day than the Therapeutic Dose.

    Scar Tissue Support*
    Fibrin Metabolism Support*
    Healthy Circulation*
    Healthy Response to Inflammation*
    muscle injury

    Why Take Fibrinolytic Enzymes?

    Imagine you scrape your knee – your blood immediately clots and your body makes a scaffolding out of fibrin (a thread-like protein) to hold the clot in place. This acts as a natural bandage as the body heals. Your body uses fibrin to repair internal injuries too.

    But your body also has to take down the fibrin scaffolding (a process called fibrinolysis). Your body naturally does this with an enzyme called plasmin, which breaks down the fibrin into parts the body can process. Healthy fibrinolysis is critical for to manage pain, scarring and potential blood clots.

    Fibrinolytic enzymes are proteases that break down the tough strings of fibrin protein. Supplementing with fibrinolytic enzymes can help your body maintain healthy fibrin metabolism.*

    How Enteric Coating Makes Our Product Uniquely Effective

    How Enteric Coating Makes Our Product Uniquely Effective

    Your stomach is naturally acidic to help digest food. But not every supplement can tolerate that acidity. Some enzymes, like serrapeptase or nattokinase, are powerful but delicate. They need a special delivery system that helps protect them from stomach acid. The cutting-edge enteric coating in this product maximizes potency through the stomach and delivers it into the small intestine, where it is most needed.

    Too often, companies make their formulations intentionally confusing without any science to back it up. When you look closely, these brands do not enteric-coat their enzymes at all, or blindly enteric-coat everything without paying attention to each enzymes' unique characteristics. A lot of brands don't even bother trying. They create ineffective so-called substitutions for serrapeptase and nattokinase. As a science-first company, we chose this brand for its research-backed, targetted efficacy.*

    A Safe and Natural Regimen

    We believe in science and safety first! From agricultural raw material to manufacturing to finished packaging, we are obsessive about transparency and quality. We're proud of the collection of safe and natural products we've put together.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 24 reviews
    Jeffrey Blewett
    Great for internal scar tissue buildup

    Been using this bundle for just over a year and the results just keep getting better and better. Will keep buying this great product.

    Jeff Blewett

    When I found out my father was having trouble breathing he told me he had COPD and his doctor said he would most likely need to go on oxygen in about 4 months . That was in Dec. of 2011. I got to work and did a ton of research and found Biomedic Labs and their great products. I put him on the Respiratory Support Bundle, the large one, around the start of March 2012 . After about a month and a half his breathing became so much better and I kept him on the products until he passed away at 88 yrs old from prostate cancer. His breathing became so clear and never had to use oxygen not even one time. You would think I would have thought of the products for myself but it took cleaning up my email files when I came across orders we had placed for my dad and that's when the thought came to me , I wondered if these products would work for me and all the scar tissue I have growing in me from five lumbar, low back surgeries, one of them I was opened up on the back, left side and up the front so now I have a ton of scar tissue growing all around me . It can feel like your being squeezed by a giant pair of pliers . Anyway I just started on the Scar Tissue Bundle the 3rd wk of Jan 2022. I'm already starting to see slight results but I know it's going to take much longer time for all this to correct itself. Knowing what it did for my dad, I'll be a customer for the rest of my life. Thank You so much Biomedic Labs

    Nancy B, Zebulon, NC

    I'd recommend this to anyone that deals with scar tissue and adhesions and the pain and surgeries associated with removal of them. Since my last surgery in 2012 to remove multiple adhesions and scar tissue which caused an intestinal blockage, I have been using this product and have had no further problems with adhesions and scar tissue. It really works and the only reason I know it does is because a while back I ran out of this product and started to have pain associated with scar tissue and adhesions....I immediately re-ordered the product and started taking and within 2 weeks I noticed the pain was completely gone and I was feeling much better. If you are having symptoms of pain and having to constantly have surgeries to "remove" adhesions and scar tissue, you need to start taking this product as it really does work. Since taking this product I have not had to deal with more surgeries to remove scar tissue and adhesions!!

    Paul S

    I had a lot pain, due to a lot of scar tissue from four back surgies. I've been taking Serracor-NK and Serra RX for a month now and have had great results. I feel like a new man. Thank you Bio medic Labs!


    I have scar tissue that becomes inflamed and this product is the only thing that reduces it. Not only does it reduce the inflammation, it eliminates the pain associated with it.

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