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Our Story

Our founders, Brad and Olivia first discovered systemic enzymes around 20 years ago, when they met Vic Rathi, a master enzymologist.  He explained how the human body’s inflammation and fibrin management systems are involved in almost everything that matters: circulation, lung health, gut health, muscle recovery, digestion, scar tissue management, reproductive health, and healing in general.  

Brad and Olivia tried Serracor-NK, and fell in love. Biomedic Labs was born, committed to the simple premise of making it easy for people to discover the power of systemic enzymes. 

We were floored by the response. We heard stories about people who couldn’t walk to the bathroom or play with their grandchildren, who were now living fuller lives. 

Standing on the pillars of Integrity, Quality, Purity, Dedication and Trust, Biomedic Labs is a science-first company devoted to curating supplements since 2004. We scour the earth for the best ingredients, backed by comprehensive research and proven customer results, so you don't have to.*

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