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You've heard that probiotics are good for your gut, but did you know that when you add enzymes you supercharge them? Try our favorite, quick-acting cleanse.

  • Contains 11 strains of probiotics, digestive enzymes, systemic enzymes and plant-based prebiotics
  • Most popular product!
  • Promotes gut-related immune health and microflora balance*
  • Intestinal and candida yeast cleanse*
Directions + Tips

Best if taken on an empty stomach with a large glass of water (30-60 minutes before or 2 hours after meals). We like to keep it on our nightstands and take first thing in the morning and right before sleeping!

Dosage varies by indivudual and should be monitored closely. One approach that has worked for many is to start with one pill, once a day and slowly increase to up to 4 per day, as desired.

Gastrointestinal Health*
Immune Health*
Intestinal & Colon Cleanse*
Skin Health*
Why Take Probiotics with Enzymes?

Why Take Probiotics with Enzymes?

Your body is a complex machine that already contains trillions of enzymes and probiotics, each of which has a specific function. You produce a cornucopia of enzymes to control every kind of biological process from breathing to mental health to digestion. You are also host to trillions of microbes that keep the digestive environment healthy and produce compounds that affect overall well-being. These many enzymes and probiotics often complement each other, working synergistically to boost and support your body.

The intricate diversity of enzymes and probiotics in your body just cannot be simplified to a single-strain probiotic supplement claiming to cure all, like so many brands out there. You need a research-backed variety of digestive enzymes (to breakdown food and other remnants in your gastrointestinal system), probiotics (to supplement your natural protective layer of bacteria), prebiotics (as food for the probiotics), and systemic enzymes (to lend support to your body's biological processes).*

A Safe and Natural Regimen

We believe in science and safety first! From agricultural raw material to manufacturing to finished packaging, we are obsessive about transparency and quality. We're proud of the collection of safe and natural products we've put together.

Customer Reviews

Based on 143 reviews
product was highly recommended by a trusted professional

i haven't been using it long enough to see real results, but I have high hopes. these were highly recommended to my mother 5 years ago and she swears by them. she'll be 89 this year.

Christine T
Worth the price!

I’ve done extensive research on Candida overgrowth. I’ve tried the most strict and harsh diets, many herbal supplements, etc. If you name it ,I’ve probably tried it. Nothing ever worked. I do however give credit to Thorne SF722 for minimizing my symptoms greatly. It wasn’t until I tried this product and noticed this product ALONE got rid of 99% of my symptoms. I highly recommend to try this product. I can eat relatively normal w/a healthy balance of course, now, which is great because before I felt like I was missing out. If you’re suffering w/Candida overgrowth, give this product a try.

Works good

I have noticed significantly less stomach and bowel issues. That’s a good thing.


I have recommended your product to several people. It is a great product. A+++

Muy bueno


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